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20 deposit for cake tasting

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20 Deposit for cake tasting 

If you book the wedding cake with us, the 20 is refunded

Paid cake tasting 

Paid Cake tasting is charged at 20. (Paid cake tasting 20 for upto 5/6 ppl - not 20 each) When you make an appointment at one of our showrooms We give you upto 5/6 different fillings to taste. we wil present you with a dish with different fillings, each portion will be desert size
If you proceed with the booking and book a wedding cake we will refund the 20. If on the first visit, we do not have a particular sponge avaliable,  you can taste the selection we have and then once you have booked your wedding cake with us, you are welcome to come back and arrange to taste any particular cake/filling. The second tasting will also be free of charge. 

Cake tasting is done at our showrooms. Maximum of 5/6 people can attend,  you will be presented with 5-6 different sponge in medium size portions as below

All paid cake tastings are served with Hot & cold drinks

Hot drinks choice
tea, coffee, hot chocolate,

How our cake tasting is done

At Asian wedding cakes when we do cake tasting, we give you 5 -6 Medium portions of cake, The cake samples we give you to taste will be equivilant to what will be inside a wedding cake, So cake with icing, Marzipan and fillings, You will be presented with a dish of cakes slices,

We are aware many places do FREE cake tasting, but most of the times its just a small square piece of sponge, its not the cake with fillings and icing as it will be on the day of the wedding, our approach is very different, its NOT 2 small square pieces of cake on cocktail sticks or a small cupcake

its a dish full of cake, there is a big difference. The cost of a small square piece of sponge or a cupcake is very little, , Our samples are made as WEDDING CAKE. This involves a higher cost, but is a better reflection of what the wedding cake will taste like and what your guests will eat on the day,

Also if the cake is booked with us the cake tasting fee of 20 is refunded

Please note, we do not send samples in the post or pack samples to take away


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