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Crystal wedding cake collection

A big wedding cake for a big fairy tale wedding,

2 weeks ago we got a call from a client who was very upset, They had ordered a cake from a
well known company in Central London, after taking a deposit two weeks before the wedding
the company called the client and said sorry we cant make the cake. As you can imagine the 
client was very upset, here at Asian wedding cakes we fail to understand why cake companies 
take on orders and then a few days or weeks before they cancel on the client, Its very bad protocal. 
Cake companies shoud only take on orders if they are able to do it. In the month of October alone 
we have been called over 25 times, from clients who have  ordered through somone else and the 
cake company has cancelled the order, at least 10 of these clients were cancelled the day before. 
We managed to make cakes for all 25 of them, There was 1 weekend in October, we made 6 
wedding cakes at short notice, some were hours before the wedding. 

Anyway the client wanted a wedding cake which will be at least 4 foot, In the beginning we thought 
it was 4 foot from the floor, but the client wanted a wedding cake 4 foot from the table. The client had
chosen a 5 tier cake from our website, but wanted the cake to be made 4 foot in height, After doing 
the maths we advised the client to go for a 8 tier cake, in tower style, The client wanted the wedding 
cake ALL to be real, no dummy, Here at Asian wedding cakes as long as the client can pay, we can
make cakes as big as the client wants, The cake come to 1100. Four layers of the cake were done 
in Chocolate Fudge cakd and the other 4 in Victoria Sponge cake, All 8 cakes were real cake. On the
day of the delivery EVERYONE was shocked, EVERYONE said they had never seen a cake this BIG. 
Our Consultant at one point had so many people gathered around the cake. The cake was done at 
The Navel college in Greenwich, Even people passing by were stoping and looking at the cake. The 
wedding was done Yesterday- (Saturday 29th October) on Sunday afternoon (30th October) we had 
a client call and book the SAME CAKE! The pictures below sums it all up  in total from the ground the
cake was 7 foot high 

What a weekend....... X FACTOR - Asian wedding cakes cake featured on X factor 

This week has been extremly busy,  normally we at Asian wedding cakes work non stop from
wednesday - Sunday then rest on Monday. This week there was No rest, Weddings every single
day of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, on some days we had
more then 3-4 weddings per day, This weekend has also been extremly busy, so many weddings, so
many venues. All of our team have been working flat out, No rest this week. 

The most exciting day has been Saturday, On Saturday afternoon we were called by a television
company who were producing a show for the X FACTOR, They called us at 2pm and said they
needed URGENT help, They needed a wedding cake 3ft tall by 3.30pm. They had booked
it with somone else who did not turn up. Our Manager who took the call already had a jam packed day, 
He had 5 wedding cakes to do. First delivery at Sapna Catering in southall  at 9am, Second delivery at
Novotel Hammersmith at 11am , Third delivery at Gouman Tower 2pm Forth delivey at Walthamstow 
town hall at 4pm and Final delivery at 6pm in Elite Banqueting in Excel, Anyway we agreed to help them 
out, During the week we had been experimenting with new cake designs, we came up with a new Crystal 
style wedding cake, with acrylic crystals, The X Factor team wanted a white wedding cake with a bling

So we advised them we have a cake ready, it was ready to be photograpged, but seen as they were in a 
desperate need for a cake, we provided them with a cake, Our manager manged to get the cake ready
and packed at it was collected at 3pm, It was featured on the show on Saturday Night, The cake was
dressed to represent a haloween theme, they used cobwebs all over the cake to get the halloween effect

Here are pictures of some of this weeks cakes,

Novotel Hammersmith

The Langham

Twickenham Stadium

More images to follow

A grand wedding at a grand venue

This week we did a grand wedding cake at a grand venue, It was back to our classic cake
this week. Our famous White chocolate wedding cake with perfection, We had the privilage of
doing a luxury 4 tier chocolate wedding  cake at Alexandra Palace, This style of cake was  very
popular in 2010, Its now towards end of 2011 and it still looks amazing, the attention our staff
get whilst setting the cake up is amazing, There were so many photographers and videographers
at the wedding, The wedding was for 1000 guests, We also provided cake portions for 1000 guests

Below are some images of the wedding at Alexandra Palace this week

1st weekend in October

Its the begening of October, this week feels like the summer, its hot outside and we seem to be
as busy as a weekend in  July - The peak of wedding season , Here is a selection os some of this
weeks wedding cakes, The first 3 images are cakes from our bespoke collection

Manor of Groves - Hertfordshire

Novotel Hammersmith - London west end

St Johns Hotel Solihill - Birmingham

Hyatt Regency - London West End

Mariott Grosvenor Square - London Park Lane

The Venue Leciester

Big Wedding Cakes  & Now TALL WEDDING CAKES

At Asian Wedding Cakes in addition to out 12 tier cakes below we have created the tallest cake
yet. A 9 tier Tower style Wedding Cake, which is ALL REALSPONGE NO DUMMY CAKE USED.

Shafiq & Nazrin
Shoreditch Town Hall

In one word WOW!....... this is how guests described the wedding cake

Altough Asian Wedding Cakes are use to 5 star hotels However we were
called to do a huge 9 tier wedding cake in Shoreditch Town Hall. Asian
Wedding cakes have no limit. We have the ability to go even further then
9 tiers, and thats all real. The cake was filled with different types of cake
sponges including chocolate and Vanilla.

The client came to us with thier requirements and wanted a cake with a really big
base. Our team showed them 14 inches, it was still too small. We then asked
what base size there were after they asked for  20inches. Asian Wedding have
the ability to go upto 30inches on the bottom base of the cake.  No job too difficult
for Asian Wedding Cakes.

The Cake was decorated with a intricate floral design with a hint of Classic gold.
The Cake was decorated with over 200 grade 1 red roses which were studded with
diamantes for that bling look. This cake was HUGE!!!! it took a whole medium sized
van to transport  no problem for Asian Wedding cakes as they only use vans to
deliver such delicate cakes. With staff stretched to our limit, 2 of our most
experienced team leaders were there to set up the wedding cake.

Asian Wedding Cakes decorated the cake table by boxing Fresh red petals around
the cake with glitter.

Any Venue Any Where Asian Wedding Cakes can create your cake to perfection

Price 1500

Sabah & Furqan
Seldon Park Hotel


This Huge 6 tier Cake was again one of the big cakes Asian Wedding Cakes
created  for thier Clients.
The bottom tier of this cake was a massive 26 inch wide. The cake design was
very intricate it took more then 3 days to do all the design work on this cake.
This is one of Asian Wedding Cakes unique designs. All of the pipping is done
by hand and touched up with gold by one of our well experienced designers.

The cake was decorated with Fresh Pink roses and Pink lillies. and the cake
table was fully covered  with pink petals all around the table. with glitter.

This cake again was all real, no dummy used. Every Tier in this was a different
type of sponge with a different type of filling, Including our unique Lucious Lemon

Price 1300


This week, in addition to new venues to our list we had a week of big weddding
cakes. The picture below is a Massive12 tier icing wedding cake. The only table
that could fit this cake was a 6ft round table. All cakes on display are real with
different types of sponges. 

Omar & Bushra
Asian Community Centre

The cake is decorated with White roses with a classic gold edging. The cake has
a simple design again with a hint of gold to match with the theme of the Wedding.
All the cake stands have lights and flowers to give it the WOW factor, with the
water fountain feature undeneath the cake. This cake has 4 main points; The
wow factor, neat, elegant and classic.

The Bride and groom did not have a budget in mind. They started off choosing a 
3 tier simple icing cake. Once our designers sat with them and show them what 
they could do, the client was not at all bothered about the budget and limited thier
cake to 12 tiers. With a guest number of 1000 expected, this cake would feed all
of them.

Price 1300

The next BIG WEDDDING CAKE......

Below is the second Big Wedding cake with the same set up but with a different style.
With a guest list of 500 people this 12 tier wedding cake display was big enough to
ensure everyone had some cake.

This cake was decorated with the finest grade 1red roses.The cake was in a plain
smooth white icing with a simple design with a hint of silver.The silver and red
matches the bride's outfit perfectly including the decor in the venue.

Forhad & Salma
Bedford Corn Exchange

The Cakes were on clear stand with roses inside and lights. Once the lights were dim
in the room the cake table would be lit up and would be the first thing the guests
would see once they entered the room. a Centre piece, a wow factor at the wedding.

The cakes on display were all real with again 4 different types of sponges. The cake 
tasting, is the best part of picking a wedding cake, as well as the cake looking 
magnificent the cake also tastes good.

This cake was designed by the bride and groom with friends. In total 5 of them were 
in our office with our design team working out colours, designs and layout. Due to our
team being well experienced in their work, these clients only had to visit us once and
everything was completed, from designs, layout and fillings.

Price 1300

What a Week...

This week we saw our Wedding Cakes all over London as with every other week.
Except that we had a new Hotel to add to our venue list, The Savoy. This recently
refurbished hotel costing over 220 Million has the most Lavish decore Including 
the Ballroom being the most elegant and intimate. The Wedding cake was a 5 tier
Large Stacked style.

The Bride and Groom wanted their cake to be plain, simple and elegant. The cake
had a few fresh Orchids and simple pipping. The cake matched the venue and the
the bride and groom outfits perfectly, simple and sofisticated. 

THe orginal is the orginal

As with everything, the orginal design is the orginal and cannot be beaten, Recently
many companies have TRIED to imitate our unique and stylish chocolate wedding
cake design, The following cake below was done by us a few months ago, Since
then alot of companies have tried to copy this design,  but sadly no company has
got anywhere near this design,

There are many cheap copies but as we say you cant beat the orginal. Its like, there
is no comparison between major brands of drinks such as coco cola and own brand
Value coke, its the same with our unique styles of cake,  many companies have tried, but
thier copied designs are no way near the orginal masterpeice.  Some of the designs
are so awful, dont know how these companies get away with it,

If you want your cake to look like the image, we reccomend you visit us and make
the comparison


Monday 11th July
After a long weekend delivering wedding cakes, Monday is normally rest day, this week however it was stil work work work

Here are two wedding cakes done Today

The VIP Lounge
Edgware - Middlesex

This style of cake is on promotion was 900 now just 750

Offers valid from 5th September 2011 - 19th September 2011

Cavendish Banqueting
Edgware - Middlesex

The Grosvenor House Park Lane - The Ballroom
3 weekends - 4 wedding cakes

For the past 3 weeks we have been delivering prestige wedding cakes at some of London's prestige venues, Here are 4 wedding cakes done at the Grosvenor house park lane Ballroom over the past 3 weekends, The pictures sum it all up

Sunday 26th june 2011 -The ballroom - Grosvenor house - Park Lane

Saturday 2nd July 2011 -The ballroom - Grosvenor house - Park Lane

Saturday 9th July 2011 -The ballroom - Grosvenor house - Park Lane
- Image coming soon

Sunday 10th July  -The ballroom - Grosvenor house - Park Lane

Weekend of 9th & 10th July 2011

This week has been extremley busy, weddings every single day of the week, Here is a selection of some of the cakes done this weekend, All done at various venues across London

Westminster Park plaza
London - Westminster

Hilton Waldof
London - The strand

Riverbank Park Plaza 
Southbank - London

The Intercontinental Park lane
Park Lane - London

The grand Northumberland
Trafalgar Square - London

Hilton Metropole
Edgware road London

Saffon D or
Southall Middlesex

London Muslim Centre  
Algate London

Ascot racecourse

Hilton Waldorf - Friday
The strand - London

Metropolitan police Club
Chigwell - Essex

Been a while since we had an update

Weekend of 18-19th June
Here is a selection of last weeks bueatiful wedding cakes done across central London

Millennium Glochester - The conservetory
South Kensington - London

Radisson Edwardian - Portman Square
Marble Arch - London

Hilton Waldorf -  Palm court
The strand - London

Walthamstow Assembly Hall
Walthamstow - London

Fairlop waters - Marquee
Chigwell - Essex

Bank Holiday weekend  - The new cakes designs which have taken everyone by suprise !!!!


This week we have continued to make some spectacular wedding cakes with cup cakes, Our new and exclusive design has everyone talking, From the moment we start to set up the cake we have a audiance, Everyone is amazed at the new designs. The compliments just dont stop, Everyone who looks at the cake designs is amazed and impressed with the spectacular displays we create, We have had caterers, venue staff, dj's, florists, decor companies, watiers, bar staff, security as well as couples who are viewing venues and guests attending weddings amazed by the cake display. Some Clients have even came the SAME day to the Office after visiting the VENUE to book OUR SPECTACULAR EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS. These displays are truly amazing, We have done wedding cakes with cup cakes in all different designs and colours. Nothing is too short for our imagination and creation. Our deisgn team have more designs to come just wait and see.....

Orders have been coming in from all over UK including London, Middlesex, Essex Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, Bolton and Far as Scotland & Wales. We had a client on the weekend who have thier wedding in Edinburgh  who has booked a 22 tier design, which has 12 layers of cake and  10 layers of cup cake, We are looking foward to making this design in November this year.

Many more designs and colours to follow soon

From 1 June to 5th June all cup cakes cake will be on promotion, click here for details

Easter Weekend - 22nd - 25th April 2011

Been a while since we have had an update, too much to do, not enough time
Here is a small selection of some of the wedding cakes done on the weekend
Done at different venues across London  

The pictures say it all - More pictures coming soon





Cake at the London Landmark Hotel 23rd April 2011

More details coming soon..................

New cupcakes designs continue

This week we had the privilage of creating 2 new cup cake designs, Our pervious  new and
exclusive design has been selling like hot cakes, This new design will be just as popular 

Atif & Samera
3rd April 2011 - West ham Stadium - London

5 tier wedding cakes with 5 tiers of cup cakes, New exclusive 10 tier Display

The wedding cake was done with 5 tiers of wedding cakes and 5 layers of cup
cakes, The cake stand was filled with roses with white fairy lights covering the

Deepali & Deepesh
10th April 2011 - Cavendish Banqueting - Edgware

New 5 tier wedding cake with 50 cup cakes

This cake was done with a 5 tier wedding cake with a water fountain, the table
was covered in 50 cup cakes, The flowers on the cup cakes were the same as
the wedding cake. Wedding cake with cup cakes making a grand display

Both design are on Promotion from 12- 17th April 2011 - See homepage for details


New tall cakes

This week we have also been creating new exclusive tall cake designs. Many
clientshave been requesting cakes which look different, Here are two designs
done this weekend,

The cake on the left is done with a royal look, with vases in between to
make the cake look tall. The vases are filled with petals

The cake on the right is done with crystals between the tiers, the design on
the side of the cake is done with silver patters, There are crystals going around
the cake

New introductory prices

Cake on left  3 tier Medium 400        Cake on right 4 tier Large  500



Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March
Dark and white chocolate Weekender

This weekend we had the oppertunity to make 3 wedding cakes done in white and dark
chocolate. Over the past few months we have had many clients who wanted something
different, Cakes with white and dark chocolate has its own elegance and sophistication
The image below say it all............

Bhavi & Sameer - 20th March 2011
Gouman tower - Tower Bridge London


New tier cakes with cup cakes
-Designs only avaliable at Asian wedding cakes

Saturday 19th March 2010 
Marriott Surrey Quay
Akin & Bunmi 

This Saturday we made a new and exclusive wedding cake with a cupcake display, The
wedding was held at Marriott in London's Docklands, Akin & Bunmi had a gold and red
theme to the wedding, They wanted the cake to be different and stand out. Asian wedding
cakes reccommended our new and exclusive design, A 7 tier spiral style cake with 4 tier
cake and 36 cup cakes. The stand was filled with flowers and covered in fairy lights, A
water fountain was added to the display 

The cup cakes were covered in icing and then done with Edible icing roses, the edible
roses were touched in gold to match the colour theme. Cup cakes look the best when they
are done with edible flowers, they give you an outstanding look and a perfect finish. Cup 
cakes made with edible roses are the most expensie style to make, All the flowers are made
by hand which are intricate and unique

Our new 4 tier cake with 36 cup cakes - 7 tier display 



New Wedding cake Favours

New cupcake Favours - Check out our new cupcake favours,
The cupcake below is done in vanilla sponge with a edible rose with
edible silver glitter, Packaged in a Clear box with matching silver base,
Finshed off in silver organza ribbon 

To the left and right vanilla cupcake with black rose with edible silver glitter, with black organza ribbon  Black and silver theme, black and silver cupcakes, The perfect favour for your guests,

Looks  grand,
Tastes scrumptious
For the lasting impression .......

Prices from 3 per cupcake with box and ribbon


Asian Wedding Cakes at the ASIANA BRIDAL SHOW 2011 at the RIVERBANK PARK PLAZA 30th January 2011 STAND 353

Count Down to the Asiana Bridal Show has started.. All the team have been working all dayand night creating stunning wedding cakes for the exhibition.. Come and see us at Stand 353

Congratulations to all the new couples who will be getting married this year and came to see us at the Asiana Bridal show. We were overwhelmed with the response we recieved from everyone who were impressed with all of our cakes. We thank you all for your kind comments.

It was a great opportunity for couples to put a face to all the cake decorating team, who make every wedding cake unique and elegant. Our own personal designers were on hand to show you how we could change any wedding cake to match your decor of your wedding.

Our team were there to advise couples on the types of wedding cakes to choose, andwhich style looks the best. We even had Cupcakes on display for those who are looking for somthing different. The feedback for the Cupcakes were overwhelming, Everyone showed an intrest, and everyone said that in Asian Wedding Cakes, they saw something unique and different not the normal typical cupcake you see at every wedding. Asian Wedding Cakes cupcakes, showed quality and they looked the part for a Grand wedding in any Central London Wedding Venue.

18th December 2010
Sanjay & Sarita - Millennium Mayfair Grovesnor Square

On the 18th December 2010, the coldest day of the year, London came to a stand still with the heavist snow we
have seen this year, On the same day Asian Wedding Cakes had the privilege in providing Sanjay & Sarita with 
their classy winter themed cake for thier engagement

Sanjay came to see us a few weeks ago with a winter themed cake. The Cake had to incoporate, everything which
had a wintery feel to it. This included snow, sparkle, ice, and Snowflakes. Sanjay had an image in mind and we
were asked to create a cake similar to the image. HoweverAsian wedding Cakes  went beyond boundaries and
created a winter themed cake which exceeded the expectations of Sanjay, Sarita and their families.

Asian wedding cake's team started to work on the design and to drew up ideas on how the cake should look and
feel wintery. Our team decided to go with the option of hexagon shaped cakes but to add a icy look to it. The
team added a touch of shinny shimmer on the cake to give it a glistening feel and to give the a wintery sparkle 
they added diamantes.
A big hand to Asian Wedding Cake's team, who have created the ultimate winter themed cake.....




The event was catered by Laguna banqueting who did a fantastic job. The Event decor was created by Mystique
events who did a excellent job tranforming this pretigious venue into a classy winter theme.

The venue celing was covered in white led lights with snowflakes. White cloth had been draped all around the
 room with winter themed centre peices on each table. It was a pleasure working with both Laguna and Mystique
Events, not only on this occasion but also in past. We look forward to work with them again very soon.....



18th December 2010
Milgo & Haybe - Vip Lounge, Edgware- London

The day when London came to a stand still, Asian Wedding cakes had to make another delivery of a 8 tier grand
wedding cake. The Asian Wedding Cake's team had to make sure the cake was ready in time for one of our expert
designers to deliver and set up the wedding cake. As soon as our team left it was horror, roads jammed packed
and drivers stranded because of the 10cm deep snow.

However, a journey which should take 20 minutes to the Vip lounge in Edgware, it took more then 3 hours!!!!! At
Asian Wedding Cakes we plan ahead of time. We take into consideration, before delivering:  traffic, weather and
driving conditions. Our team left their base at 12:15pm and arrived at the venue at 4pm giving them enough time
to deliver and set up the cake before the guest arrival of 6:30pm.

Asian Wedding Cakes were the first to arrive at the venue. The bride Milgo, had called the team to ask on the
progress of the delivery and set up of the wedding cake. She was absolutely shocked to see that we had delivered
and set up the wedding cake and had left the venue at 5:15pm. Milgo could not thank us enough to see that we had
delivered what we set out to do in such circumstances.

A well deserved thanks to the Asian Wedding Cakes team who delivered and set up and wedding cake of Milgo &


The caterrers of this fuction was Henna Wedding Services. They did an exceptional job in such terrible 
We look forward to work with Henna Wedding Services very soon.


19th December 2010
Salim & Aliya - Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington London

On a cold frosty sunday morning Asian Wedding Cakes had the privilege of delivering a 5 tier grand wedding cake
to the Royal Garden Hotel in South Kensington. 

Salim and Aliya came to see us at our Central London showroom. They were looking for a wedding cake which will
incorporate a royal gold theme. At asian Wedding Cakes our expert designers showed them over 600 colours and 
themes of wedding cakes which will match what they were looking for. Our team decorated the tiers of cake with
sparkling diamantes with cascading edible icing roses with gold decor. The edible roses were white and were 
sprayed gold on the edges, to give it that royal elegant look.

The Asian Wedding Cake team had to deliver this delicate wedding cake in the early hours of the morning as the
guest arrival for the fuction was 12pm. As the day before there was choas on London's road our team again left
in good time to deliver and set up the wedding cake.

Asian Wedding Cakes will like to thank Salim & Aliya for choosing Asian Wedding Cakes as thier Cake supplier
and wish them all the best for the future.


The Caterers and Event decor company was all created by Sapna Caterers. The Venue look very impressive
to say the least. Sapna have excelled in their work in transforming this pretigious venue into a elegant royal
wedding. It is always a pleasure working with Sapna Caterers, and we hope to see them again very very
soon!!!! Sapna Caterers provide a very professional and personal service to their clients.


19th December 2010
Sania & Shahan - Millennium Mayfair Grosvenor Square, London

Asian Wedding Cakes were again invited to the Pretigious Millennium Mayfair. Sania & Shahan were looking
for a simple elegant wedding cake, which complemented their wedding theme. Sania the bride wanted the
wedding cake to incorporate some of the colours in the wedding dress. The wedding dress was royal gold
but sania didnt want too much gold decor on the wedding cake. Our team of experts designed a wedding
which had alot of stature and was not too 'busy'. Simple yet very elegant.

The cake was displayed in the ballroom as a center piece for the wedding. As the light was dim in the
ballroom and the spot light was shone on the wedding cake, you could see the gold diamantes twinkle.

We would like to thank Sania & Shahan for choosing Asian Wedding Cakes, and would wish them all the
best for the future.


The caterer for this event was Elite. We have worked with Elite on many occasions and have seen a brilliant
job time and time again.


19th December 2010 
Shazina & Jajanzeb - Cumberland Hotel - Marble Arch, London 

shazina and Jajanzeb, were after a wedding cake which will fit within their theme of their wedding. The
thememof the wedding was ivory, gold and green. Our team of experts decided to show the couple pictures
of our Chocolate Wedding Cakes. The white belgian chocolate cake was the ultimate option as they insisted
that they did not want to go for a royal icing wedding cake.

The wedding was a intimate affair, therfore they did not reqire a grand wedding cake, they went for a 3 tier
wedding cake. The cake was decorated with Fresh Ivory roses with greenery to give a camouflage. The cake
looked unique and elegant


The caterers and the wedding decor was all created by Mazahmi Events


11th December 2010
Meeta & Ajay - Advaint Cultural Center - Wembley -  London

Meeta and Ajay Visited our Alperton Showroom to discuss and see various designs of wedding cakes. As they
walked into the showroom they were amazed at the options we had available and the amount of designs  they
had to choose from.

The theme of the couples was gold and cadburys purple. They did not want the cake to be purple and they found
the colour to be too bold. Thefore they went with and ivory and gold theme. The couple were looking for a
classical look yet it had to have a modern twist to it.

The couple went for a tower style wedding cake, in the traditional round style. Howeverthey did not want fresh
flowers on the wedding cake. The alternative was to go for edible icing roses. The Roses were white and were
sprayed gold on the edges to give it the modern twist. This 3 tier cake was completly edible from cake to
flowers. The cake looked very unique and different from the rest of the wedding cakes they had seen.

Asian Wedding Cakes would like to thank Meeta and Ajay for choosing Asian wedding Cakes and we wish them all
the best for the near future ....  



The Wedding caterer was Sapna again, and they did a excellant job in transforming this centre into a wedding
venue, fit for royalty. The entertainment for the night was provided by Nuchna Roadshow. Nuchna did a
fantastic job bringing entertainment to life!!!



11th December 2010
Kamran & Saika - Crown plaza docklands - London

the wedding was Purple, the cake was done in matching colours, It was layered with
puprle organza and the top tier covered with white and purple roses, the cake was
covered in silver diamante around the cakes and silver butteflies around the cake,
The table covered in white petals and purple candles 




28th November 2010 
Farrah & Ayan  Elite Banqueting - Excel - London Docklands 

Farrah and Ayan were looking for a Tall wedding cake which looked grand. Our designers engineered a 
all real 6 tier grand Wedding Cake. The theme of the wedding was  Purple. The venue was close to the
Excel Center in Docklands. The venue overlooked the RiverThames and the surrounding iconic buildings
like canary Wharf.

This grand 6 tier Wedding Cakes compromised of Vanilla Sponge, Chocolate sponge and carrot cake.

Farrah & Ayan went to many cake companies and after visiting our Ilford Showroom, and speaking to our
expert designers they believed only Asian Wedding Cakes could  meet their needs.

We thank Farrah & Ayan For using Asian Wedding Cakes, and we wish them all the best for the near


The caterers of this fuction was Henna Wedding Services. They did an exceptional job in decorating and
providing and exceptional service on the day to thier clients . We look forward to work with Henna Wedding 
services very soon.


28th November 2010
Neena & Kashyap- Marriot Bath Road - London Heathrow 

The hustle and bustle of Heathrow. One of the most busiest airports in the world. Asian Wedding Cakes
have been delivering wedding Cakes at the Marriot hotel in Heathrow Bath Road, all throughout the year.
In Some weeks in the summer Asian Wedding Cakes had the privilege of delivering and setting up every
weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Neena And Kashyap very much knew what that wanted as soon as they walked into our Alperton Showroom.
As our expert designers showed them pictures of an exclusive design on a wedding cake below, they knew
it was the cake for them.

The Cake had a simple, yet elegant design which fit into the theme of the wedding and adding fresh Grade I
deep roses on the cakes with sparkling dimantes, was simply the'icing on the cake'. The Sponge inside the
cake was eggless as Neena and Kashyap had many guests which were strict vegetarians, and we were able to
acomodate their requirements.

The Wedding Cake was placed on  a white LED Dance floor, with dimm lights and spotlight. All this gave a
sublime atmosphere for a wow cake cutting ceremony....

We thank Neena & Kashyap for using asian Wedding Cakes for thier wedding cake supplier and would like to
wish the couple all the best for the near future.... 


The Decor in the morning religious ceremony and the evening reception was done by Jay & I Services.
Jay & I services provide vibrant and unique mandap, stages, and centre pieces transforming every event
and venue.

The caterers for the wedding was Ragamama. Ragamama are one of the best caterers for hotels and event
venues. We have worked with Ragamama for 3 years and they provide a very professional service to thier


28TH November 2010 
Waseem & Yasmin - The Grove - Hertfordshire 

On a sunny yet cold morning Asian Wedding Cakes had the privilege of delivering a grand 6 tier wedding cake
to the luxury spa and golf hotel The Grove.

After visiting many wedding cake companies Waseem came to see Asian Wedding Cakes at their Alperton
showroom. He was amazed at the  number of tiers we can do on a wedding cake. Waseem was loooking for
a grand wedding cake, different to the traditional 3 tier iced wedding cake. Waseem was looking for a
modern and elegant cake so went for a Chocolate wedding cake. He wanted a spread out wedding cake
instead of a stacked up  traditional wedding cake.Our expert cake designers sketched a 6 tier wedding
cake in a spiral style. They then showed pictures of how it looks in real.

Waseem was looking for flowers which were very big in size and looks Chic. He went for deep red roses and
we added Gold diamantes to give it the chic look. The Cake stand was filled with red roses and lights were
added to stand to make it stand out in the dimmed light. The Cake was placed in the middle of the LED dance
floor, for a grand cake cutting ceremony.

Asian Wedding Cakes were proud to do the wedding Cake for Waseem and Yasmin at the 5 star The Grove
Hotel in Hertfordshire. We thank the couple for using Asian Wedding Cakes and wish them health and happiness
for the future.....


The caterers for the wedding was Ragamama. We have worked with Ragamama many many times throughout
the year and it is a pleasure to work with them again and again.


28th November 2010 
Jayna & Shumon - Elite Banqueting - Excel - London Docklands 

Jayna & Shumon had a small intimate wedding, therefore the went for a 3 tier chocolate wedding cake.



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