How to Book

There are several ways to book with us.

Book online

Book over the phone

Book in Person at our showrooms

Book through your caterer/ venue/ wedding planner



Book Online


You can now book your wedding cake online, 4 Simple steps


1.     Choose the wedding cake design and size

2.     Add to basket

3.     Enter personal details & create account

4.     Make Payment


Once you have paid you will able to log into your account to add all additional information, such as date of wedding, venue, name of bride, cake fillings etc


We will process the paperwork and send you forms to sign and return to us.


Most of our wedding cakes come with a cake stand; you may be required to pay an additional refundable deposit for this. Once you return the cake stand us after the wedding we will refund your deposit.


Book over the phone


If you have chosen a cake and need further advice you can choose to book over the phone. Call our office and one of our consultants will be happy to answer any questions you have and take all the relevant details over the phone to complete the paperwork. We will send you the booking forms in the post to sign and return to us.

If you choose to book over the phone you will be required to pay a deposit of £100 and when we send you the booking forms to sign and return back to us, you will be required to enclose a post dated cheque.

Book in person at our showroom (Book a consultation)


If you would like to taste the cake sponges we offer and view our portfolio you are welcome to book a FREE consultation to come and visit us. We do consultations on various days in all showrooms. We do weekday evenings and weekends to suit our clientís needs. Timings and days of consultations change week by week. We try and fit clients in on days suited to them

Consultations take about 45 minutes, Please call our office for further details. All clients who wish to come for a consultation MUST book an appointment. Consultations take place at our showrooms

You can choose to confirm your booking there and then or take the booking forms away with you and when you decided send the booking forms back to us with your payment in the post. There are incentives if you book on the day, you will be informed by the consultant on the day. We take all forms of payments, cheque, debt card, credit cards, bank drafts and cash.

You can book a consultation online, (if you book it online your consultation is not confirmed until we send you an email confirmation) or call our office and one of our consultants can book it for you over the phone.

Please Note


Clients are advised to only book a consultation if they are sure they can attend. As we are extremely busy we have a very strict policy on consultations. Any clients who book a consultation and do not turn up on the day will not be given another opportunity to come for a consultation. If clients wish to cancel a consultation we must be given at least 24 hour notice, if clients give less then 24 hour notice we will not re book you for another consultation. We also advise clients, if they are running late, please inform us. If clients are more then 25 minutes late they may not be seen by a consultant as we have subsequent meetings throughout the evening. Please note, we do not go out and visit clients, if you would like to book a consultation you will need to come and see us.


Cake Tasting

Clients are welcome to visit our showrooms to taste our cakes. Cake tasting can be arranged in advance when booking a consultation. Cake tasting is charged at £20 and you can choose upto 4 different fillings to taste. If you proceed with the booking and book a wedding cake we will refund the £20 . Cake tasting is done at our showrooms. Maximum of 5 people can attend,

Most of our clients comment on what a pleasure its been to do cake tasting, its worth more then £20

How our cake tasting is done

At Asian wedding cakes when we do cake tasting, we give you 4-5 Medium portions of cake, The cake samples we give you to taste will be equivilant to what will be inside a wedding cake, So cake with icing, Marzipan and fillings, You will be presented with a dish of cakes slices,

We are aware many places do FREE cake tasting, but most of the times its just a small square peice of sponge, its not the cake with fillings and icing as it will be on the day of the wedding, our apporach is very different, its NOT 2 small square pecies of cake on cocktail sticks or a small cupcake

its a dish full of cake, there is a big difference. The cost of a small square peice of sponge or a cupcake is very little, , Our samples are made as WEDDING CAKE. This involves a higher cost, but is a better reflection of what the wedding cake will taste like and what your guests will eat on the day,

Also if the cake is booked with us the cake tasting fee of £20 is refunded

Please note, we do not send samples in the post or pack samples to take away

July - September Minimum charge

In all July - September weekends,
we have a minimum spend 

£700 within London
£800 out of M25
£1500 National


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