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Cake flavours and Pricing

Here at Asian wedding cakes we believe the cakes should taste as good as they look. We have spent years perfecting our sponges and fillings.
We offer a wide range of flavours and fillings. All our cakes are triple layers, so there will be 3 layers of sponge and 2 layers of filling. Our cakes are around 5inch in Height  Below are a list of our most popular cakes.

F1 – Rafello Cake

Triple layer Victoria sponge with white chocolate and coconut .

Available in Eggless

F2 – Coconut cake

Triple layer of coconut sponge with butter cream and jam .

Available in Eggless

F3 – Lemon Drizzle Cake

Triple layer lemon drizzle sponge with butter cream

Available in Eggless

F4 – Salted caramel cake

Triple Layer vanilla sponge with salted caramel filling

Available in Eggless

F5 – Pistachio Cake

Triple layer vanilla sponge with a pistachio flavoured filling

Available in Eggless

F6 – Victoria sponge cake
Triple layer Victoria sponge with butter cream and jam

Available in Eggless

F7  – Cookies and cream  
Triple layer of Victoria sponge with cookies and cream filling

Available in Eggless

F8  – Chocolate fudge cake
Triple layer of chocolate sponge with a chocolate fudge filling

Available in Eggless

F9 Carrot cake
Triple layer of Carrot cake -cream-cheese

F10 – White chocolate Cake
Triple layer victoria sponge with white chocolate and Jam

Available in Eggless

F11 – Marble cake
Victoria and chocolate mix cake

Rich Fruit cake

F13 Victoria Fudge cake
Triple layer of Victoria sponge with chocolate fudge

Available in Eggless

F15 – Hazelnut cake
Triple layer of victoria sponge with chocolate hazelnut filling

Available in Eggless

F15 – Chocolate orange cake
Triple layer of chocolate sponge with chocolate orange filling

Available in Eggless

F16 – Ferrero Rocher Cake
Triple layer of chocolate sponge with a Ferrero chocolate filling

Available in Eggless

F17 – Chocolate Oreo Cake
Triple layer of chocolate cake with chocolate Oreo filling

Available in Eggless

F18 – Red Velvet Cake
Triple layer of Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling

Triple layer of

Available in Eggless

Triple layer of

Available in Eggless

How many flavours can you choose

Clients can choose different flavours for different tier cakes

  • For 3 & 4 tier cakes you can choose upto 2 flavours
  • For 5 & 6 tier cakes you can choose upto 3 flavours

If you would like to choose all the tiers with a different flavour, there is an additional of charge of £25 per flavour

So for Example in a 4 tier you are allowed 2 flavours, if you choose 4 different flavours, there is an additional charge of £50 for the 2 extra flavours (£25 per flavour)

Fruit cake Prices

Any tier which is chosen as a traditional fruit cake, there is an additional charge. Fruit cake prices are as follows

6inch £25

8inch £35

10inch £45

12inch £65

14inch £95

16inch £140

18inch £210

Eggless cakes

All of our flavours above can be made egg free except for fruit cake, marble cake,  red velvet cake and carrot cake .

Eggless cakes have an additional cost

6inch £15

8inch £20

10inch £25

12inch £35

14inch £55

16inch £85

18inch £125

Important information

Please note, all of our cakes will contain traces of nut, we use nuts within the factory

We are unable to make dairy free, nut free, soya free wedding cakes,

Cake Tasting in our Showrooms

Clients are welcome to book a cake consultation together with a Cake tasting session at one of our showrooms, Cake consultations are charged at £45 which includes a cake tasting session.  Upto 6 people can attend the consultation, the charge is for the tray of cake  and not per person. During the consultation we will go through the different cakes we do, choice of colours, designs and choice of tables and hanging structures,

You will be given a selection of cakes to taste as image below

All tastings include complimentary hot and cold drinks.

All consultations are arranged in advance are done at various showrooms each week. Payment for the consultation is taken in advance and if the wedding cake is booked with us the fee of £45 is refunded.

Please note:

All our showrooms consultations / tastings are arranged by appointment. We arrange to come to the office for your appointment, please only book a consultation if you are sure you can attend.

Cake Sample Box

We now offer Cake sample box in the post.  A Box of 12 cake jars delivered to your door

£45 including Postage anywhere in UK

Sample box contains:

You will be given 12 flavours to taste (1 of each flavour)

  • Victoria sponge butter cream jam
    Chocolate fudge cake
    Kinder buerno
    Red velvet cake
    Coconut cake
    Lemon cake
    Ferreo rocher
    Chocolate Oreo
    Which chocolate coconut
    Chocolate orange
    Lotus biscoff
    Vanilla ferrero

If you require an EGGLESS version, it will not have red velvet cake,

It will be replaced with Vanilla sponge with jam and white chocolate

Sample boxes are sent on Wednesday for next day delivery on Thursday

If you continue to book a wedding cake with us, £45 is taken off the cost of the wedding Cake

Only 1 box can be refunded towards the wedding cake