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Book  a Cake Consultations / Cake Tasting Sessions

Clients are welcome to book a cake consultation together with a Cake tasting session at one of our showrooms, Cake consultations are charged at £45 which includes a cake tasting session.  Upto 6 people can attend the consultation, the charge is for 10 cake jars, not per person During the consultation we will go through the different cakes we do, choice of colours, designs and choice of tables and hanging structures,

You will be given a 10 flavours to taste

  • Victoria sponge butter cream and jam
  • Lemon drizzle cake
  • Lotus Biscoff Cake
  • White chocolate Rafello
  • Coconut sponge with butter cream and jam
  • Vanilla sponge with Ferrero Rocher filling
  • Chocolate fudge cake
  • Chocolate Oreo cake
  • Ferrero Rocher Cake
  • Red velvet Cake

All tastings include complimentary hot and cold drinks.

All consultations are arranged in advance are done at various showrooms each week. Payment for the consultation is taken in advance and if the wedding cake is booked with us the fee of £35 is refunded.

Please note:

All our showrooms consultations / tastings are arranged by appointment. We arrange to come to the office for your appointment, please only book a consultation if you are sure you can attend.

Organise a Cake Consultation / Tasting session

To request a consultation you can fill out the form below with your choice of date and time,

We will then send you an email to confirm if the date and time is possible or advise alternative times

You are most welcome to call the office and arrange a cake consultation / tasting session

Office 1 – 0208 552 5063  Office 2 – 0203 3185717

Appointment times vary form week to week, Our general times are as follows

Ilford Showroom – Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Wembley Showroom – Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Angel Showroom – Wednesday & Thursday

When would you like to come in for a tasting session? (required)

Once you’ve filled out the form please pay for the consultation/cake tasting using the PayPal button below

if no payment Is made, your consultation will not be booked in and you will not receive a response

Click on buy now to make £35 payment