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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many tiers do I need? 2018-04-06T13:42:47+00:00

The number of tiers you will need will depend on the number of guests you have at the wedding. We recommend you get a cake enough for 2/3 of your guest list. See our serving section for more details on our Cake Servings page.

Wedding cakes with more tiers give you a grander display. It is better to go for a wedding cake with more tiers. A 3 tier large and a 4 tier medium serves the same number of guests but a 4 tier will look more impressive on display then a 3 tier. Some of our cakes are available in up to 10 tiers. We can custom make cakes up to 20 tiers.

What fillings can you have inside the cake? 2018-04-06T13:44:10+00:00

We have 12 different types of fillings you can choose from for the inside of the cake, Please see our fillings page.

Can we taste the cakes? 2018-11-21T23:49:55+00:00

We have two cake tasting option

Cake tasting at Our Showrooms

Clients are welcome to book a cake consultation together with a Cake tasting session at one of our showrooms, Cake consultations are charged at £25 which includes a cake tasting session.  Upto 6 people can attend the consultation, the charge is for the tray of cake  and not per person. During the consultation we will go through the different cakes we do, choice of colours, designs and choice of tables and hanging structures,

You will be given a selection of cakes to taste as image below

All tastings include complimentary hot and cold drinks.

All consultations are arranged in advance are done at various showrooms each week. Payment for the consultation is taken in advance and if the wedding cake is booked with us the fee of £25 is refunded.

Please note:

All our showrooms consultations / tastings are arranged by appointment. We arrange to come to the office for your appointment, please only book a consultation if you are sure you can attend.


Cake Sample Box by post

We now offer Cake sample box in the post.  A Box of 12 large slices delivered to your door

£45 including Postage anywhere in UK

Sample box contains:

Pistachio Cake, Cookies and cream, Coconut Cake, Red velvet cake, Victoria sponge, Chocolate orange

Chocolate Oreo cake, Lemon drizzle cake, Ferrero Rocher cake, Carrot cake, Chocolate fudge, White chocolate cake

Sample boxes are sent on Thursday for next day delivery on Friday

If you continue to book a wedding cake with us, £45 is taken off the cost of the wedding Cake

Only 1 box can be refunded towards the wedding cake

Are your cakes Eggless? 2018-11-21T23:51:17+00:00

We make Eggless sponge and normal sponge. Please see our fillings page for different types of sponges

A Selection of cakes flavours can be made in EGGLESS

Are your cakes Halal? 2018-04-06T13:49:23+00:00

All of our cakes are halal, we do not use any animal fats, gelatin or alcohol in our cakes.

Do your cakes have animal fats or alcohol? 2018-04-06T13:49:50+00:00

None of our cakes contain animal fats or alcohol.

Do your cakes contain nuts? 2018-04-06T13:50:34+00:00

Our cakes are made in a factory where other products are made with nuts. So therefore all our cakes may contain traces of nuts. We make every effort to use different parts of the factory for nut produced cakes but cannot guarantee that there will be no traces of nuts.

Can you make cakes for other dietary requirements? 2018-04-06T13:51:42+00:00

Unfortunately we cannot make cakes for other dietary requirements.

Do you make Birthday cakes? 2018-04-06T13:52:34+00:00

We specialise in wedding cakes and can make birthday cakes in the style of a wedding cake (as in 3-4 tier cakes) We do not make the standard birthday or fresh cream cakes.

Can you custom make wedding cakes? 2018-04-06T13:53:15+00:00

We can custom make wedding cakes from our selection, so if you have seen cakes on our website and wish to make changes from one cake to another, we can to incorporate different features in one cake. Please Note all changes are subject to price changes .All of our cakes are priced with the amount of decoration on the cake, the more decor you add onto the cake the higher the price.

Can you copy other cake designs? 2018-04-06T13:55:24+00:00

Generally we prefer NOT to copy other cake designs. There are enough pictures in our cake selection to choose from, in fact we have the biggest selection online then any other cake company within London. Please do not bring pictures from other cake companies. If you have seen a cake you like on a particular website go to that cake maker. Over the years we have seen a lot of clients who like the look of a £1500 cake and would bring the picture to us and request we make it for £500. This is not always possible.

If you have seen a cake which is similar to one of our designs then it may be possible to make some designs. Please call our office for further details . Please note if you send us a picture of a cake design the price is dependent on the cake design, it will not be the same as the prices on our website.

How soon do we need to book a wedding cake? 2018-04-06T13:56:30+00:00

As we deliver the cake on the day of the wedding the sooner you book it will ensure we can deliver the cake to the venue on the day. If your wedding is on Saturday or Sunday we advise you order your cake as soon as you have booked the venue. In summer months we are generally booked up quickly .We can make plenty of wedding cakes but are limited in terms of delivery.

How much notice do you need? 2018-11-21T23:54:18+00:00

Booking time varies from client to client, some clients book years before the wedding, some book months before, some weeks before, some days before and some even hours before the wedding.

We can make a wedding cake within 2 hours notice but we advise you place your booking at least 2-4 months prior to the wedding. If your wedding is in summer months we require even more notice.

The Wedding cake is always made on the week of the wedding however if you want us to deliver your cake to the venue we advise you book as soon as possible. Please note although we can make a wedding cake at very short notice sometimes it will not always be possible. It will all depend on how many wedding cakes we have to make on that particular week.

Can you make a cake at short notice? 2018-04-06T13:58:39+00:00

We have in the past made a wedding cake within 2 hours notice. It is possible but the price will vary, if we have to make a cake at short notice we will have to pay our staff extra to stay behind or come in. Any additional costs will be added onto the price of the cake.

If you are in urgent need of a wedding cake please call our office and our staff will try their best to accommodate you.

Can we collect the wedding cake? 2018-04-06T13:59:55+00:00

You are welcome to come and collect your wedding cake, however we advise you let us deliver the cake on the wedding. The price is the same if you collect the cake or have it delivered.

When will my wedding cake be made? 2018-04-06T14:01:03+00:00

We make our wedding days 1-2 days before the wedding, So if the wedding is on Saturday we will start the cake on Thursday, finish it on Friday and deliver it on Saturday,

We do not make our wedding cakes weeks before the wedding, we ensure we deliver a freshly made wedding cake on the wedding day.

How does the pricing work? 2018-04-06T14:02:32+00:00

The pricing of the cake is calculated with the amount of tiers and also the amount of decorations.

How is the payment taken? 2018-11-21T23:58:51+00:00

Payment Process

Wedding cakes between £475 – £999   -Deposit £200 and balance 1 month before wedding

Wedding cakes between £1000 – £1800 – Deposit of £400 balance 2 months before the wedding

Wedding cakes over £2500 – Deposit of 30%  and Balance 2 months before the wedding

We take the following method of payments

Credit / Debt card



Bank transfer

Paypal – 5% fee

Do we need a cake stand? 2018-11-22T00:01:59+00:00

95% of our cakes come with cake stands, in most cakes they are not visible. If you choose to have a sponge cake nearly all of them require a metal stand to hold the structure up. The deposit varies from £100 – £450 depending on type of stand.

When is the cake stand due back? 2018-04-06T14:07:04+00:00

We give up to 5 working days for the wedding cake stand to be returned, so if your wedding is on Saturday or Sunday we need the stand back before Friday.

We have weddings every week and need the cake stand back before the following weeks weddings, especially over the summer period, we do not have 100s of stands in stock, our cake stands are used on most weekends every year.

Why do I need to pay a stand deposit? 2018-04-06T14:07:49+00:00

We take a deposit for our cake stand so that we get the cake stand back after the wedding. We leave our property at the wedding and to ensure we get the stand back we take a deposit. Also if the cake stand is damaged in any way we take a deposit so we can cover the cost of replacing any damaged stands.

Can you collect the cake stands? 2018-04-06T14:09:31+00:00

We offer a stand collecting service at some venues, but this is subject to time and staff availability, the charge for this service will be £45.

What happens when we come for consultation? 2018-11-22T00:06:01+00:00

When clients come for consultation they are able to see some of our cake designs on display in our showrooms. All of our showrooms have around 40-50 wedding cakes on display. Consultations take around 45 minutes.

Our consultants will take you through some of the designs we have, you can then choose the designs you prefer and look at them in closer detail , Our consultant will run you through the pricing and what is included in the price.

We will then give you around 8 – 10  different cake samples to try and then you can finalise your design and paperwork with the consultant.

To confirm a booking we require a £200 deposit for wedding cakes under £999 and £400 for wedding cakes over £1000

We take all forms of payment which include, Cash, Cheque, Debt/credit card, bank transfer.

How many people can come for Consultation? 2018-11-22T00:07:16+00:00

Ilford Showroom – 6 people

Wembley Showroom – 6 people

Angel showroom – 3-4 people

Do you offer evening consultation appointments? 2018-04-06T14:12:12+00:00

In all showrooms we offer evening appointments. Most of our clients either come in the evening after work or on the weekend. All of our showrooms offer consultations by appointments. Please call our office to check time and date availability.

Where are your showrooms? 2018-04-06T14:13:18+00:00

We have 3 showrooms across London East, west and central. You can see further details of all our showrooms on our contact page.

What are your opening Hours? 2018-11-22T00:12:14+00:00

All of our showrooms open via Appointment

We have 3 Showrooms across London

Please book an appointment before you come,  Please call 0208 552 5063

we offer appointments on the following days


Ilford showroom – Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Wembley showroom – Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Angel  showroom – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Appointments vary from week to week, it all depends on the number of weddings we have

What areas do you deliver? 2018-11-22T00:14:49+00:00

We deliver all over UK

For delivery prices please see delivery & set up

Who delivers the cake? 2018-04-06T14:16:55+00:00

On the day of your wedding one of our consultants will deliver the cake to the venue and set it up. All of our consultants are trained to the highest standards and they will ensure your wedding cakes looks perfect on the day.

We use refrigerated transportation to deliver your wedding cake on the day.

What time is the cake delivered? 2018-04-06T14:17:47+00:00

The wedding cake is generally delivered a few hours before the guest arrival. So for example if your guests are due to arrive at 1pm for afternoon lunch we will deliver the wedding cake around 11am on the day of the wedding.

When is the cake set up? 2018-04-06T14:18:33+00:00

The cake is set up when the cake is delivered. The cake is like a centre piece for the day, we prefer to set the cake up before your guests arrive so when they walk in they see a spectacular cake on display.

Most cakes are set up when we deliver but with the exception of a fresh cream wedding cake. We would deliver straight to the fridge at the venue and then you will need either the caterer, wedding planner or member of your family to display the cake on the stand around 30 minutes before the bride and groom are due to cut the cake.

Who cuts and serves the cake? 2018-11-22T00:35:35+00:00

The cake is cut up by your caterer or the chef at the venue. Most caterers know how to cut the cake in small portions. Most venues will have chefs who can cut the cake and distribute it amongst your guests.

Can I make changes to my booking? 2018-04-06T14:20:09+00:00

Clients are welcome to make changes to their booking anytime up to 1 month before the wedding.

Are your prices negotiable? 2018-11-22T00:25:20+00:00

Our prices of cakes are fixed, Sometimes we have promotions on particular cakes

Some cakes can be reduced in prices by reducing sizes and amount of decoration

We are unable to offer super discounted deals, If you see a cake on our website and it is priced at £2,500 and your budget is £900, there is NO POSSIBLE way we can offer a £2500 cake for £900

Please be realistic, please do not book appointments to come to the showroom and offer us silly prices.

Best way to get a deal, choose a cake, send us a whatsapp on 07950 329 359 and we can see what is the best we can offer


Do you provide table for the cake? 2018-11-22T00:28:51+00:00

All venues provide a standard 3ft or 4ft table for the cake

We provide bespoke tables

Ghost tables, crystal table, floral tables, tea light table

Prices range from £250 – £2500

A damage deposit is required for all tables, once table is collected and provided there is no damage, your deposit is returned

Do you hire tables and hanging structure on their own? 2018-11-22T00:31:41+00:00


The cake must be purchased from us, We only hire our tables and hanging structures if you purchase the wedding cake from us


there is no exception to this rule, please do not call the office and request for hire only